6m EPS Vibration Cutting Machine


A. The cutting machine adopts stepper motor drive, high precision ball
screw drive that running stable and correct. It can be adjusting flexibly for
requirements of cutting different density and specific shape. The cutting
accuracy can be 2mm.
B. Voltage adjustment: The machine has equipped a 5KWtransformer.
C.20 heating wires can be installed on the cutting rack, then it can cut
20 sets of the same pattern or text at the same time.
D. Vibration Cutting: Frequency of Vibration can be 60 times/minute,
The vibration amplitude is 20mm. Not only can improve the cutting speed,
but also reduce the damage rate of cutting high‐density boards, wet block.
To improve production capacity.
F. Drawing software adopts CAXA. CAM. It would generate G code of
machine after layout, then controlled by dedicated controller.
G. The control panel is available for cutting shape display, following
cutting, cutting continuous and corner delay functions etc. Cutting speed is
able to be adjusted whenever, the maximum speed can be 2000mm/min.
H. The Machine has the stroke protection function, it will stop when
stroke exceed the set. In addition, it also has functions such as power‐off
memory, selection of line segment processing, and cutting gap

The machine uses PLC programmable industrial controller and computer touch screen. The control motor drives the chain drive to realize the automatic positioning and continuous walking of the EPS sheet, at the same time, the resistance wire is used to cut the EPS sheet of the required specifications; the machine adopts the horizontal and vertical cutting wires to realize the three-dimensional cutting of the sheet. Convenient feeding operation, stable and reliable operation, simultaneous feeding, rapid rotation when changing volume, saving feeding time and cycle reserve.

Machine overall dimension: 7000 X 2000 X 2500mm
Suitable Block Size: 6000 X 1400 X 1300mm
Two‐direction cutting, horizontal, vertical and cross cutting
Max 40 cutting wires can be manually set in horizontal direction, and
max 20 cutting wires in
vertical direction Multiple cross cutting wires can be set for one time
Minimum thickness to be cut is 10mm,
Cutting speed: 200~2000mm/min(adjustable)
Tolerance: ±2mm
Working Voltage: 380V 50HZ
Power: 8KW
Operation System: CAXA.XP wire cutting

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