Energy-saving Series EPS Shape Moulding Machine

This series has developed performance in steam control due to PID system and pipeline design rather than typical type of EPS shape moulding machine.

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The accurate control of steam pressure is a key factor of production effience. We tried on products  increasing steam pressure by only 0.02 bar, however the cooling time was increased by 100s. Currently, most of Chinese machines are made of small pipe & valves, thus high-pressure steaming has to be used. Machines equip big pipelines and valves, which allows low pressure and big flow of steam while moulding. Enough steam can be supplied in an instant to reduce cycle time and provide excellent production condition. Sintering begins at 90C and complete shaping will be achieved at 115C. Forming pressure only 2-2.5 bar.  Multi-spots heating realize most equal distribution of steam in the mold chamber. Full digital PID control to control energy consumption precisely. The steam chamber adopts unique thermal insulation material to realize mold cavities' insulation. 


Touch Screen: A1510 WIN7 32 (10.1 Inches) - WEINVIEW


Encoder: E50S8-1000-3-T-24 (E1000T) - AUTONICS

Switcher: ABE63B (50A) - SCHNEIDER

Switcher: PL9-C10 (10A) - SCHNEIDER

AC Contactor: GMD-32   DC24V (32A) - SCHNEIDER

Motor Protector: GV2ME32C (16-32A) - SCHNEIDER

Steam Valve : DELE


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