Sutuan EPS Foam Pre-expander

This one is a popular pre-expander of ours what can controlled by touch screen & PLC easily.
By our system, you can supervise visual manufacturing.


1. Using programmable control and touch screen control, automatic feeding, automatic electric calculation, automatic control of temperature and pressure of barrel body, automatic induction measurement, etc.

2. High precision measurement system to ensure accurate feeding;

3. The barrel body is made of stainless steel plate. It has high quality closed constant pressure foaming and high thermal efficiency. It saves about 65% energy than the continuous foaming machine.

4. The temperature and pressure of the barrel body are controlled by high-precision Japanese YOSHTAKE pilot pressure relief valve and German GEMU proportional valve. Electrical components and pneumatic components are well-known brands at home and abroad, thus ensuring the stability, reliability and long service life of the machine.

5. Photoelectric control is adopted to control the material level and the capacity of the foamed material so as to make the density of the foamed beads consistent.

6. The automatic discharging adopts blower to blow material, thus improving the discharging speed.


Main Components:

Colourful Screen Control Panel: Delta - Taiwan

PLC: Delta - Taiwan

Contactor: Schneider - France

Steam Proportional Valve (Steam Main Valve): COSYS - Italy

Vibration Level Sensor: Made In Korea

Steam Relef Valve: YOSHITAKE - Japan

Steam Pressure Gauge: AFRISO - German

Steam Valve: DELE - German


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